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£600 Cash Giveaway

1st Prize: £300

2nd Prize: £200

3rd Prize: £100

How to enter:

  1. Sign up to any Crypto casino on the “Home” page, using the “Claim this Offer” button. Or via the sign up links in Discord.
  2. Each day (including day of sign up) that you deposit (any crypto currency equivalent of) £30+ and wager through (any crypto curremcy equivalent of) £30+ you receive another entry to the “Cash Giveaway”
  3. Maximum of 15 entries per calendar month.
  4. Register each entry using the Registration Form on this page.
  5. You will see only one entry added to the list with your username, however number of entries will be sent to you via email on the day the giveaway draw is due to take place. This is to ensure it remains anonymous to others regarding your levels of deposits/play. 


Use this simple contact form below to register your entry with our website, and we’ll add you to the list (to be published on this page & updated as we progress).

Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 30th November 2022.

You can have a maxmum of 15 entriesand you can win more than one prize.

Feel free to contact us, should you have any queries.

Eligible Casinos

Current Entry List

November Entries

  1. Aled9595
  2. djdjanna
  3. chrissolee
  4. samgbets2912
  5. ford4567
  6. The_Dragon
  7. Winspin
  8. Shycharlieace
  9. stolleybot29
  10. adamaa11
  11. NNG
  12. KelsHammon8


















Last Month's Entries

  1. gazfarma7
  2. gascon82
  3. gascob1982
  4. gazfarma770
  5. charlieace
  6. charlieace
  7. Aled9595
  8. gazfarma7
  9. Gascon82
  10. Gas1982
  11. Gascon82
  12. Gascon1
  13. gazfarma7
  14. Joshyy90
  15. Aled9595
  16. spinstepha
  17. spinstepha
  18. Bowlsace